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N50 Battery Water Battery 50ah Battery, N50 Battery, Water Battery

Supplier Koyosonic Power Co., Ltd.
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Model NO.
Discharging Type
Constant Resistance
Acid Battery
ISO9001, RoHS, CE, Cash
Koyosonic & OEM
Transport Package
by Carton Box Then Onto Pallet
Koyosonic & OEM
HS Code
Production Capacity
Maintenance-free Type
Rated Voltage:
Charging Voltage:
Working Voltage:
Charging Type:
Constant Voltage
Wet Shelf Life:
N50 Battery Water Battery 50ah Battery Price

Product Description

Maintenance Free Car Battery description

MF batteries are sealed maintenance-free Calcium-Calcium batteries mainly used for starting vehicles and marines. The batteries are more popular than dry-charged batteries as they are much more convenient. Our MF batteries have much better performance with out special technology, especially we do put some silver into the battery plates. Performance-oriented venting system provides superior corrosion protection through effective fume dissipation while the high strength polypropylene casing endures knocks, ,impact and vibration resulting in longer component life. Advanced PE enveloped separators are incorporated to eliminate internal short circuit, reduce water loss, lower grid corrosion and boost Cold Cranking Amperage levels by massive 10% for instant start-up.  

MF JIS Car Battery Applications
. For all kinds of Japanese Car or Car applied Japanese Standard
. Starting car, Bus, Van or engines
. Start Truck and heavy duty vehicles
. Lighting system

Main Features
. Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
. High Performance Computer-Designed Plate Grid enhances current flow pattern for improved internal . Conductivity ♦while unique grid alloyconstruction provides optimum cyclability.
. High Quality and High Reliability
. Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
. Low Self-discharge and Long Service Life
. C&F Technology (Container Formation for plates)
. Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing
. CE, UL, ISO9001 & ISO14001 Approved

Battery Structure
N50 Battery Water Battery 50ah Battery Price


1, RADIATION OR GRIDDING PLATES: Adopting advanced plate casters to produce much thicker plates with Pb-Ca-Sn alloy. This can ensure complete maintenance-free performance of minimum self-discharge. Furthermore, uniformity of our plates are greatly improved with our special solidification technology, which can reduce possibility in sulfation and keep much stronger cranking performance.
2, SEPARATOR: The super-thin glass fiber in separator (ir PE envelope) avoids short-circuit of plate group, and reduce electric resistance and increase current capacity. The surface fiber can protect effectively the active material of positive plates from dropping off in vibration. And then it can extend battery life.
3, POLES: The poles are made by mechanical operation, which can ensure no leakage. It makes sure the poles more durable than the traditional ones as we adopt special technical process.
4, CENTRAL BUSBAR: With the most advanced COS machine, we can connect plate groups very well in each cell, which is called busbar. And the busbar has some good features such as low internal resistance, high good electric conductivity and high resistance to vibration.
5, MAGIC-EYE: Magic eye is also called as indicator, which can tell the state of a battery.
6, FRAME ARRESTER: Prevent explosion caused by gas or spark while charging. And it can also stop any free acid from inside.
7, PP CONTAINER: Our battery has excellent performance of non-leakage and anti-explosion with very special structure in container.
Heat sealed design is to maximize strength and rigidity to prevent electrolyte leakage.

Packing Photo
N50 Battery Water Battery 50ah Battery Price

Our Company

Koyosonic Electronic Co Ltd

◊Koyosonic, established in 1999 has been specialized in producing Lead-acid batteries, Li-ion batteries and Solar power system. As one of professional manufacturers in lead acid batteries, we have been devoted to research and development, manufacture and market to lead the users to have right batteries for their power system.

Factory View

N50 Battery Water Battery 50ah Battery Price

N50 Battery Water Battery 50ah Battery Price

N50 Battery Water Battery 50ah Battery Price

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