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Total 17644 Elevator & Funicular Car Products

Welcome to, your premier destination for all things related to elevators and funicular cars. We take pride in our extensive catalog, which features a diverse range of vertical mobility solutions sourced directly from dozens of reputable Chinese elevator manufacturers, suppliers, traders, and wholesalers.

Our comprehensive catalog includes the following categories:

1. Construction Elevator

Discover our top-of-the-line construction elevators, meticulously designed to meet the demands of construction sites. Safety, reliability, and efficiency are at the core of these elevators, ensuring seamless vertical transportation during building projects of all scales.

2. Escalator

Elevate the experience for your visitors with our premium escalators. Known for their durability, sleek designs, and exceptional performance, our escalators are ideal for commercial and public spaces.

3. Freight Elevator

Maximize the efficiency of goods transportation within your facility with our heavy-duty freight elevators. These elevators are engineered to handle even the heaviest loads, ensuring the smooth and secure movement of cargo.

4. Moving Sidewalk

Experience the future of urban mobility with our innovative moving sidewalks. Perfect for airports, shopping malls, and other high-traffic areas, these solutions offer convenience and time-saving benefits for pedestrians.

5. Passenger Elevator

Elevate comfort and convenience with our passenger elevators. Whether for residential buildings or corporate offices, our passenger elevators are renowned for their reliability and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall ambiance.

6. Sightseeing Elevator

Enhance your architectural design with our captivating sightseeing elevators. These elevators provide passengers with breathtaking panoramic views, adding an unforgettable element to any structure.

7. Special Elevator

Explore our range of specialized elevators tailored to unique requirements. Whether you need a vehicle elevator, hospital elevator, or any other custom solution, we have you covered.

8. Parts for Elevator & Funicular Car

Keep your elevators and funicular cars in top condition with our extensive inventory of elevator parts and components. Our parts are sourced directly from trusted manufacturers, ensuring quality replacements and upgrades.

Why choose

- Quality Assurance: We maintain partnerships with renowned Chinese elevator experts, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety in all our products.

- Diverse Selection: Our extensive catalog ensures that you can find the perfect solution for any vertical transportation challenge.

- Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality, making it cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

- Reliable Partnerships: With established relationships with numerous industry leaders, we ensure timely delivery and exceptional customer service.

Elevate your vertical mobility experience with! Browse our catalog today and discover the perfect elevator and funicular car solutions tailored to your requirements. We are committed to setting new standards in the world of elevators and look forward to serving you with excellence.

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