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Koyosonic Power Co., Ltd.

Koyosonic Power Co., Ltd. Main Products: Car Battery,Solar Battery,Lead Acid Battery,Gel Battery,UPS Battery,Lead Crystal Battery
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About Us
Koyosonic, a good supplier in power solution, has been specialized in developing and producing Lead-acid batteries, Li-ion batteries and Solar power system since 2002. As one of professional manufacturers, we have been devoted to research and development, manufacture and market to lead users to have right batteries for right power system. Our Lead-acid batteries include AGM batteries and SLI batteries. AGM batteries are also called as VRLA-AGM batteries, mainly including NP general batteries, NPC deep-cycle batteries, NPH High-rate batteries, NPL long-life batteries, NPF front-terminal batteries, NPM motive-power batteries, NPG/NPCG/NPMG/NPFG pure gel batteries, NPS solar-power batteries, CB Lead Carbon Batteries, LC Lead Crystal Batteries, LFP LiFePO4 Batteries, and OPzV & OPzS tubular batteries. For SLI batteries, we mainly have Car batteries and Motorcycle batteries. In 2015, we started to produce Li-ion battery pack which mainly includes LiFePO4 battery pack to replace AGM b... [View More]