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40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container, Cryogenic Tanker Container, Container Tanker

Supplier Henan Lishixin Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.
Price $13500.00 / Piece
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Model NO.
>10 Years
Producing Period
20 Days
Frame Size
Life Span
>25 Years
Place of Origin
Henan, China
20FT 40ftcontainer Transport
Gas Phase(MPa)
Measuring Range(MPa)
Burst Pressure(MPa)
Henan, China
Product Color
Sea or Raod
Liquid Gas
Design Tempretrues
Transport Package
HS Code
Production Capacity
50 Uint Per Month
After-sales Service:
Video Technical Support, Online Support
1 Year
Tank Container
Stainless Steel

40ft T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container With Cheap Price
.Product display pictures
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap PriceThe functions of this series Cryogenic Tank container:
  This series of this ISO Storage Cryogenic Tank Container are suitable for the transportation LNG/LIN/LOX/LAR/LCO2/LC2H4/LC2H6,Etc. Liquid Gas.
  The volume of this ISO Storage Tank Container is under 22 cube meters, we can manufacture it according to your needs.
.Product features
TSG R0005-2011 <Mobile Pressure Vessel Safety Technical Inspection Regulations>, "International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code" (IMDG CODE)
JB / T4780-2002 "Liquefied Natural Gas Tank Containers", Container Inspection Code-2012
Guidelines for tank containerT75
Container Type of this tank container1AA
Rated weight for this tank container32723kgs
Maximum Allowed Loading Weight for this tank container14700kgs
Tare weight for this tank container18023kgs
Allowed stacking weight for this tank  container192000kgs
Manufacturing license level of this tank containerInside tankC3
outside tank
Max. Working Pressure(Mpa.) for this tank containerInside tank(MPa)0.7 
outside tank(MPa)-0.1(Vacuum)
Min. Working Tempretrues for this tank containerInside tank-162 °C
outside tank-20°C
Design Pressure(Mpa.) for this tank containerInside tank0.8 
outside tank-0.1/0.2
Design Tempretrues for this tank containerInside tank-196 °C
outside tank50 °C
The Main material for this tank containerCoverinside tankS30408
outside tankQ345R
Shellinside tankS30408
outside tankQ345R
Overall Size(Frame)/L*W*H/mm for this tank container12192*2438*2591
Media for this tank containerInside tankLNG
Media Characteristics for this tank containerInside tankexplosive
Painting for this tank containerFrame 30µm +40µm +50µm 
Shell30µm +40µm +50µm 
Total Volume(L) for this tank container40440
Effective volume(L) for this tank container36400
Rated filling rate for this tank container90%
Corrosion allowance for this tank containerInside tank0mm
outside tank1mm
Air tightness test pressure(Mpa) for this tank containerInside tank0.8mm
outside tank0.2mm
Air pressure test pressure for this tank containerInside tank(MPa)0.92
Welding joint coefficient for this tank containerInside tank1
outside tank0.85
Static evaporation rate for this tank containerInside tank<=0.18
Material density(kg/m3) for this tank containerInside tank426
Natural boost rate for this tank containerInside tank<=13
Main hazard category for this tank container2.1
Design service life for this tank container15 years
Mode of transportation for this tank containerRoad,Sea or Railway
Adiabatic form for this tank containerHigh vacuum multilayer insulation
 Emergency cut-off valve for this tank containerTypeGas phaseKDJ661F-16P
liquid phaseKDJ661F-16P
Nominal pressureGas phase(Mpa)1.6
liquid phase(Mpa)1.6
Nominal DiameterGas phaseDN50/DN32
liquid phaseDN50
Operation wayGas phasePneumatic motion control
liquid phasePneumatic motion control
Fusible temperature for the Fusible alloy of the fusible plug(°C)70+/-5
Safety valve for this tank containerTypeZA25-5B
ModeLow temperature modular safety valve
Level gauge for this tank containerTypeZK-1.5-6-1
MouldCYJ-1 Double liquid column pressure difference level gauge
Nominal pressure(Mpa)1.6
Nominal DiameterDN6
Measuring range(Kpa)0~15
Loading and unloading device for this tank containerGas phase jointTypeFlange connection
Nominal DiameterDN50
liquid phase jointTypeFlange connection
Nominal DiameterDN50
Pressure gauge for this tank containerTypeYN-100
Measuring range(Mpa)0~1.6
Precision1.6 Class
Shell blasting device for this tank containerBurst pressure(Mpa)<=0.1
Nominal DiameterDN80
Orifice table
symbolNominal  SizeNominal  PressureTube SizePurpose and NameConnection standard and Type
CZ15040Ø57*3.5liquid phase entranceHG/T20592-2009
CZ25040Ø57*3.5Gas phase entranceHG/T20592-2009
CZ33240Ø38*3Supercharger liquid phase entranceHG/T20592-2009
j80//Shell explosion-proof port/
Technical Requirements
1.This frame tank container should carry out all kinds of the test according to the GB / T16563-1996 and China Classification Society "Container Inspection Code".                                                    
2.Except for the pictures' mark, the type and size of the welded structure shall be in accordance with GB / 985.1. The height of the weld foot and weld fillet is according to the thickness of the less thinner steel plate.There should not be crack, slag, porosity, or undercut, etc. on the surface of the welded joint.Weld seam surface will be inspected through the magnetic powder or penetration testing (preferred magnetic powder). Meet NB / t47013.4 (5) -2015, Class I qualified.
3.The accessories for this tank container shall meet the corresponding standards of product quality certification,which can be carried out the air tightness test together with the tank after passing the re-examination and form a complete set then delivery from the factory;
4Valve opening operation,should be able to withstand the pressure of the air tightness test , fully open, fully closed, flexible operation, no abnormal resistance, idling and so on;
5All signs, brand names, stickers will be made according to the drawings after the competion of the painting; The area around the signs, brand names and rivets will be sealed with the sealant.
6The vertical plane of the longitudinal centerline of the tank container shall be coincident with the vertical plane of the longitudinal centerline of the frame. The offset shall not exceed 5mm.
7All supports of the connections between the tank and the frame should be thin welding, and welding firm and reliable, the weld seam surface shall not have cracks, undercut, stomatal, crater and splash.
8Tank coating in line with the relevant provisions of JB / T4711-2003. After complete cleaning the rust of the outside carbon steel surface of the tank,coated two anti-rust primer, two white finish.
9The tank needs to be replaced with nitrogen or vacuumed before leaving the factory.
(1) the use of nitrogen replacement treatment, the oxygen content after treatment is less than 3%, and keep the residual pressure 0.05Mpa ~ 0.1Mpar;
(2) the use of vacuum treatment, the vacuum after treatment is not less than 0.086Mpa.
10Emergency cut-off device should be installed before the air tightness test, the test medium is air, the test pressure is 0.1Mpa;After the installation is complete, Emergency shut-off device should be done through emergency cut off and filter protection test, gas valve, liquid valve and booster valve completely closed in 5S qualified, air source control valve rotation flexibility, no jamming phenomenon.
.Product details picture
We use high-quality production materials,produce according to strict production requirements,ensure that every product delivered to you is of high quality.
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price
This product belongs to a tank container.

1. This product is a stainless steel pressure vessel installed in a fastening outer frame.

2. Good compression and shock resistance. It has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. This container is widely used in the liquid transportation and storage industries on roads/railroads/ships.

Customized low price factory direct sales 10FT/20FT/30FT/40FT tank container

ISO storage tank (tank container) is a container installed in a tight outer frame. It is mainly composed of a tank body and a frame. The frame is made of high-strength steel, and the tank body is placed in the middle of the frame.

Our factory has more than 20 years of experience. Well-known at home and abroad, focusing on the research and development of tank containers and trailers. Our aim is to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost products. The experienced technical team customizes the best products for customers. For any reliability, safety and economic related issues, we have mature solutions at any time
.Workshop details picture
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price
1.Quality is our culture, the best price, with us, your business is safe, your money is safe, this is Kerwin I hope we can become good friends.

2.According to customer requirements, we can customize it.

3.This Tank container is equipped with cryognic pump, you can operate your ISO Storage tank container very convenient and easily.
.Hot Products
 Our hot-selling products are very popular with customers. For other products, please click below to view.
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price
Our products have passed a number of professional certifications, first-class production technology, excellent product quality, and comprehensive service.
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price
.Reasons to choose us
1. Our transportation equipment supports customized services, customized according to your different needs is your own unique transportation equipment.

2. The first-class brand of product, the source factory wholesale price, high cost performance.

3. After-sales service is accurate and in place, proactively and promptly deal with after-sales problems for you, and support video after-sales service, if necessary, an engineer can also be arranged for on-site service.
.Our service
1.We will provide you one-to-one service throughout the entire process, answering questions about products before sales and checking and debugging equipment after sales, and assisting in equipment maintenance and testing.

2.Our company promises to provide warranty for all new equipment and free consulting service for life.
3.After the equipment fails, we will reply to you within 24 hours and give you a solution within 48 hours.
.Customer visit
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price
International Market: Annual production capacity 8000units of the Tank Containers,and the annual total sales 3500units, Of which, we have exported more than 800units Tank containers, Cryogenic Tank Semi Trailer to more 25 countries around the world, including Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Honduras, South African, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan,Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines,Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. What's more, we have established long-term semitrailer&tanks supply contracts with more than 10 famous transportation&other type of the enterprises in the world
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price
.Company information
  Henan Lishixin Logistics Equipment Co..Ltd is located in Zhengzhou FTA, Henan Province,China,with a registered capital of 3,500,000 USD.Lishixin is specialized in the R&D, mass production and sales of kinds of the 20FT,30FT,40FT ISO Storage Tank Containers and Storage Tanks as well as other special logistic Transportation equipments. 
    Based on rich transportation advantages and resource of Central China, Lishixin is committed to supply high quality and cost-effective transportation equipment for clients all over the world.
40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price

1. What is your MOQ?
A:One unit.

2. Can you meet my special requirements?
A:Sure! We are a direct manufacturer, we have strong production capacity and research and development capabilities!

3. How is the quality of your products?
A:High quality has always been our advantage. We all use high-quality branded materials with 100% quality assurance. A procedure is established to inspect products, raw materials, process materials, finished materials that have been verified or tested, all stages of the manufacturing process.

4. How can I get the price of your vehicle?
A:You can contact us through any of the following contact methods. Our personalized service staff will reply you within 24 hours.

5. Is it possible to print our own brand on the vehicle?
A:It's totally acceptable.

6: What is the delivery time?
A:The delivery time is within 30-50 working days after receiving your prepayment.

40FT T75 LNG/Lo2/Lco2/Lin/Lox/Lar/Liquid Ammonia/Liquid Argon Cryogenic ISO Storage Tank Container with Cheap Price


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