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Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics, Insulated Pallet Container, Cooler Box

Supplier Fujian Super Tech Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
Price $480.00 / Piece
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Model NO.
<10 Years
Producing Period
<20 Days
Frame Size
Life Span
<25 Years
Custom Order
Operating Environment
-30~80 Celsius
Duration Time
12h, 48h, 72h, 96h, 120h
Insulation Range
Optional 2~8 Celsius, 10~20 Celsius
Other Application 1
Other Application 2
Top Grade Seafood
Other Application 3
Other Application 4
Blood Products
Other Application 5
Human Albumin
Other Application 6
Clinical Test Specimens
Other Application 7
Health Products
Other Application 8
Ice Cream
Transport Package
Paper Box and Pallet
Super Tech
HS Code
Production Capacity
50000 Pieces/Year
Insulated Container
Pet Al
Gross Weight:
Product Introduction

In order to solve the problem of high recycling cost and difficult recovery of some cold chain logistics enterprises,Fujian Supertech Cold Chain Technology focused on the project of Detachable Insulated Pallet Shipper and developed a large-capacity,easy-to-assemble,easy-to- remove folding and recycling Insulated Pallet Shipper.
The advantages of Super Tech's Insulated Pallet Shipper compared to ordinary boxes are as follows:

1. Lower logistics recycling costs

This Insulated Pallet Shipper is detachable and can be divided into six pieces of insulation boards and stack together when recycled or not used.In this way, half volume is reduced. The logistic cost reduction is obvious for clients when purchasing or recycling this product.
Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics
Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics
2.Simple cargo handling process

When loading the goods, the forklift can be used to directly place the goods with the pallets in the bottom of the shipper in any direction without manually moving the goods from the existing pallet into the shipper, and then assembling the insulated pallet shipper with insulation boards. Same method to be used when unloading goods, which greatly reduces the labor cost of moving goods.

Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics  Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics

3.Unique ice box fixing bracket

Using a special ice box fixing bracket to combine multiple ice boxes into one ice box accessory, making full use of the existing ice box to form a large ice box to match the large box, without regard to the mold opening problem for large ice box, greatly facilitates the handling of the ice box and the loading and unloading into the insulated pallet shipper.

Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain LogisticsDetachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics

4. Excellent insulation barrier performance

Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics

5.Customizable size design
The insulated pallet shipper is produced by our unique modular production process and can be designed in various sizes according to customer requirements without additional expensive mold costs.
Fujian Super Tech insulated pallet shipper, is made up of six panels and pallet through the patented technology, can be easily assembled and disassembled. The unique structural design ensures the load bearing more than 800kg, and the tightness between the panels can be ensured even in the harsh transportation environment.

Product Application

The insulated pallet shipper can be applied to air cold chain transportation such as biological agents,medicines,vaccines,etc., in-plant transportation of medicines, vaccines, etc., and cold chain transportation of fresh foods.

Product Process

Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics
Product Packing&Delivery

Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics
Why Choose Us
  • As the largest VIP panel manufacturer in China, our products are spreading all over China after ten years of development. Further, we have established long-term and stable cooperation with many world-top electronics manufacturers from America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and so on. As the VIPs supplier of world top 10 best refrigerator brands such as Haier, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Bosch&Simens, Arcelik, Midea, Hisense, Thermo Fisher Scientific and so on, we are committed to offer VIPs with a good insulating performance.
  • As to the raw material testing, the production of core material, composite film and getter material, vacuum packaging and testing of final product in the end, the whole process is completed in our own manufacturing base. Great efforts have been made by our quality control department to test the thermal conductivity of each VIP for ensuring its high quality. What's more, in order to manage historical data and build a quality tracing system of VIPs, we have established our own sample R & D department where records the data of quality tracing and parameter collection of our products over the past ten years.
  • With the implementation of strict quality management system, our self-developed VIP products certified by REACH and ROHSSGS testing from SGS have passed the world's leading product testing and our factory has also passed ISO9001 and ISO14001.
  • SuperTech VIP of excellent thermal performance,the K-value could be lower than 0.0020W/m.K,and the diameter of glass fiber dry core material meets the regulation of EU Directive 97/69/EC that diameter of glass fiber shall be ≥6μm.
  • Of stable supplying ablity,the annual production of VIP is ≥10,000,000m2.
  • All three main components of VIP are self-supplyed,including core material,laminated film ,
    E-getter+N-getter .
  • 100% inspection for each pc of VIP, sufficient qty of fast K-value testers and automatic manipulator testers could make sure quality of VIP before EXF.
  • Competitive prices
  • Super Tech is the listed company, the company business and operation is stable and of low trade risk.
  • We provide good after-sales service with 7x24h online. Any requirement, please feel free to reach us out.
Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics
Detachable Insulated Pallet Container for Cold Chain Logistics


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