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Indoor Escalator Moving Walk Travelator, Escalator, Travelator

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Drive Mode
Use of Occasions
Indoor Type
Handrail Decoration
Control Type
Microcomputer Frequency Control
Railing Form
Step Road Linetype
Product Price
$ 8000-15000/Unit
Transport Package
Export Packing
HS Code
After-sales Service:
24 Hours Service
12-18 Months
600-1200 mm
Slope Angle:
30° 35° 12°
Nominal Width:
600-1200 mm

Moving walk

It travels as easily as walking on firm earth by concise and pragmatic charm
It is widely applicable for various concentrated passengerflow areas such as big shopping centers,aviation ports,shopping malls,recreation centers,public facilities etc.

About Good Quality Modern Design Automatic Mechanical Escalator for Center

The escalator is a combination of a special structure type chain conveyor and two special structure type belt conveyors, with circular moving stairway, which is used to carry passengers upward or downward between different levels of the building. A continuous conveyance mechanism for carrying people up and down.

It can be widely used in stations, terminals, shopping malls, airports and places where
people are concentrated.

Indoor Escalator Moving Walk Travelator Cheap Price

Indoor Escalator Moving Walk Travelator Cheap Price

Standard configuration

Indoor Escalator Moving Walk Travelator Cheap Price
Tread width1000800
Center support span L4600010000600010000
Reaction force(KN)R140383534
Motor power/Rated currentConveying length L Conveying length L 

Standard Function

1.Two direction moving
2.Emergency stop
3.Maintenance operation
4.Illumination for the passenger
5.Fault display
6.Static electricity protection
7.Emergency stop button
8.Skirting guard
9.Handrail entry safety protection
10.Main drive chains safety protection
11.Unintentional reversal protection
12.Phase failure protection
13.Over load protection
14.Step sagging protection
15.Step chains safety protection
16.Comb safety protection

Indoor Escalator Moving Walk Travelator Cheap Price


1.when the escalator is installed on the two floor above the pit,cancel,cicil substructure and upper symmetry. the escalator entry and exit,there should be a full open area,the width is not less than 1238,the depth from the handrail to the front obstacle is not less than 2500.
3.escalator handrail to any obstacle is not less than 500.
4.motor AC380V 50HZ,motor power ee table.
5.a resistor less than 4 ohm grounding device is provided by the user.
6.the power suplly from the user to the escalator main switch requires three phases,five lines(soft wire).
7.all dimensions are millimeter,if there is any change,no notice will be given.

Use of safety hairbrush for escalators:

Used in major markets, shopping malls or subway entrances, installed on both sides of the lower part of the escalator, to prevent potential safety hazards caused by tying objects or shoelaces between the escalator steps and the side panels of the skirt.

Escalator clamping device:

1. Increase the position of the safety brush in conformity with the requirements of national standards and other positions such as steps.

2. The bending is treated as same as the radian of the side board. And ensure that the distance with the steps meet the requirements of national standards.

3. Gently process the ends of each brush. Add brush stop.

4. Ensure sufficient strength during installation, and the total length of the brush top and the side board of escalator meets the standards.

5. The base of the brush and the brush shall meet the standard inclination.

About us

Huzhou fuji elevator company adheres to the advanced international elevator management mode and innovative fruits in technical field.It actively introduces the first-class elevator manufacture equipment.It establishes the perfect and superior product system.It takes the management ideas of "since,creditable,promise-keeping,cooperation and double-win".it is engaged in sci-tech innovation.

It owns multiple original core technologies.At present,the products cover passenger elevator(small machine room,traction type villa elevator),freight elevator.automobile elevator,escalator,moving walk series etc.According to the user's requirements, it executes the market operation mode which integrates the manufacture,sales,installation,repair and maintenance into one.It design and produces different kinds of plural elevators as per the user's actual.

Indoor Escalator Moving Walk Travelator Cheap Price

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