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11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002), Autowalk, Sidewalk

Price $14000.00 / Piece
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Model NO.
Handrail Decoration
Full Transparent
Control Type
Microcomputer Control
Railing Form
Tempered Glass
Step Road Linetype
Moving Sidewalk
Indoor Tytp
Supermarket, Airport
Energy Saving Grade
Moving Walk Certificate
Moving Walk Standard
Moving Walk Truss Welding
En 1090-1:2009+A1:2011
Moving Walk Degree
0, 6, 10, 11, 12
Step Width
Running Mode
Single Speed up &Down Reversible
18 Months After Delivery
Transport Package
One Set One 40hq Container
Zhejiang, China
HS Code
Production Capacity
11000 Sets Per Year
Step Type
Slope Angle:
11 Degree
Nominal Width:
Drive Mode:
Use of Occasions:
Indoor Type
Product description
11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)

In Busy Cities, Supermarkets and Shopping Malls, Where People Gatherd, Broadly Spread Moving Walks, Creating a Space Full of Imagination, Drawing Splendid Lines Which Link Every Flowing Sights. Safe, Comfortable and Beautiful, Moving Walks Give People a Leisure Time.
Moving walkMoving walkway, travelator, passenger conveyor, sidewalk, autowalk
Span LengthL≤105000mm
Step Width800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm
Inclined Degree0°, 10°, 11°, 12°
Speed0.5m/s, 0.65m/s
RunningSingle speed up &down reversible
Delivery40ft high container
Power SupplyPower 380V , 50Hz Three Phase Five Wire System
Lighting 220V, single phase
Energy Saving FunctionVVVF, Auto start stop

11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)

11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)
Safety measures
11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)
Standard safety functions
1Emergency Stop ButtonYes19Machine Room Protect BoardYes
2Handrail Entry ContactYes20Step LightYes
3Broken Step Chain ProtectionYes21Skirt Panel ContactYes
4Comb Plate ContactYes22Step Yellow Safety LineYes
5Inspection SocketYes23Alarm Bell When StartYes
6Phase Failure and Phase Stagger ProtectionYes24Floor Plate Open DeviceYes
7Step Sag ContactYes25Alarm SignsYes
8Stop ButtonYes26Main Driving Chain Broken Protect DeviceYes
9Main Power SwitchYes27Overspeed Lowspeed ProtectionYes
10Circuit Grounding DeviceYes28Step Static-free DeviceYes
11Non-operational Reversal Safety DeviceYes29Handrail Belt Speed Detect ProtectionYes
12Overload ProtectYes30Floor Plate Open Detect DeviceYes
13Portable Lamp and SocketYes31Step Missing Detect ProtectionYes
14Handrail Belt Antistatic Device Yes32Working Brake Open Detect DeviceYes
15Traction Flywheel Cover Open Detect SwitchYes33Skirt Panel Anti Clamp DeviceYes
16Maintenance Power Supply SocketYes34Working BrakeYes
17Step Anti Bounce DeviceYes35Auto Lubricating DeviceYes
18Safety SignsYes   
Optional functions
1Blocking device8Handrail lightening
2Anti-climb device9Direction indicator
3Anti-climb device is Not preset.Yes/No10Oil-water separator
4Vertical protect board11Liquid level switch
5Handrail disconnect protect device12Heating device
6Brake shoe wearing detection13Cladding
7Auxiliary brake   
 Production and shipping 

Production and assembling
11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)
Packing and shipping
11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)

CE Certificate of escalator and moving walk/ passenger conveyor
CE Certificate of energy-efficiency of lifts: A+++
EAC Certificate of escalator and moving walk/ passenger conveyor

11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)

Company Profile 

SYNEY ELEVATOR is the leading elevator & escalator manufacturer in China. Our main products include passenger elevator, freight elevator, goods lift, panoramic elevator, observation lift, hospital bed elevator, villa home lift, escalator, waving escalator and moving walk.etc.
Depending on advanced technologies, modern equipments, standardized management, and perfect marketing customer service network, the business of Syney Elevator has been improving steadily, not only covers the whole country, but also has been sold to Russia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Korea and America, etc, becoming one of elevator enterprises with the highest potential.
The enterprise has two manufacturing factories. The registered capital is USD 35 million, covering nearly 99000 square meters, with over 600 employees. Among them, there are over 200 engineering technicians and nearly 50 senior managers.

11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)
11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)

11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)
11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)

From the raw material getting into factory to finished products getting out to customers, Syney has a strict operation system to control each steps.

No rejected raw material will be accpeted! 
When raw material comes to factory, QC department will check all the materials, once any fault items found, it will be returned to suppliers at once. Only qualified material will get into raw material warehouse.

Production management
Every week, production department will make the production plan and update the schedule of online products. There is daigital board in each workshop showing the production plan everyday. In this way, from workers to managers all clearly know which project is online now.
Every moring, managers will guide the workers to run for 15 minutes first to refresh. Then check the machines status before operation and check again after one day job. 

All parts are packed in solid plywood boxes, which can stand long time sea shipping and fumigation free. For some important parts like control cabinet, door operator and motor, parts will be covered by a strong film first, with desiccant, before put into boxes.

Quality control
1) All raw materials will be checked before get into warehouse. And bulk electronic product do sampling inspection. All parts must have qualified certificate from suppliers. QC1 is responsible for this.
2) During production stage, QC2 will check commissioning for each elevator, escalator and moving walks.
3) After elevator and escalator finished, QC3 will test the match of elevator motor and control cabinet, and the running condition of escalator and moving walks.
4) After packed, QC4 will check package condition for each parts, and takes photo for further reference.
5) When delivery, QC5 will check if all parts packed in container to avoid any missing, and takes photo for further reference.

11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)
11 Degree Moving Sidewalk Autowalk with 1000mm Step (XNW-002)
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