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3.2mm Tempered Solar Glass, Solar Glass, Building Low Iron Solar Glass

Supplier Beijing Northglass Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Model NO.
Tempered glass solar panel
CE, Bis, En, etc
Solar Glass
Tempered Solar Glass or Solar Glass
Transport Package
Strong Plywood Crate for Export
CE, ASTM, CSI, etc
HS Code
Production Capacity
Low Iron Solar Glass
ISO, CE, GB, Igcc, Bs, etc
Safety Glass
Various Size:
Can Manufacture as Required
Free Samples:
3-7 Days
Edge Treatment:
Polished or Grinded Edges
3.2 Tempered Solar Glass

We provide the following two types of the solar glass:
Tempered low iron patterned solar glass
Annealed low iron patterned solar glass
Melting capacity: 300 tons /day (22, 000SQM/day)

1. Thickness: 3.2mm_12mm Tolerance: ± 0.2mm (3.2mm & 4mm)
2. Dimension: Max. 2250mm *3500mm(annealed)
1219mm *1930mm(tempered)
3. Pattern: Prismatic/matt-finished; Matt-finished/matt-finished
4. Solar transmittance:
(3.2mm polished samples ISO9050/2003)≥ 91.7%
5. Iron content: ≤ 120ppmFe2O3
6. Poisson's Ratio: 0.2
7. Density: 2.5g/CC
8. Young's Modulus: 73 GPa
9. Tensile Strength: 42MPa
10. Hemispherical Emissivity: 0.84
11. Expansion Coefficient: 9.03x 10-6/º C
12. Softening Point: 720º C
13. Annealing Point; 550º C
14. Strain Point: 500º C

Standards and Certificates:
1. JIS B7502/B7512/R3106
2. ASTM-E-903-96/C1048.04
3. EN12150/DIN1249D
4. GB15763.2-2005

Tempered Solar Glass takes full advantages of the diffuse reflection of the pattern to decrease the light reflection, thus Low Iron Solar Glass has a very high solar transmittance at any angle incidence. Meanwhile, the low iron content of less than 120 ppm enables a very low solar absorbance by the glass itself, and on the contrary increases the transmittance. With the non-toxic chemical composition, low iron patterned solar glass completely conforms to the rigorous environmental requirement of Europe, USA and Japan. It is the ideal encapsulation material for solar panels (PV modules) and the flat solar thermal products.

3.2mm Tempered Solar Glass
Factory situation:
3.2mm Tempered Solar Glass
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