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Thick 0.76mm Shade Green on Clear PVB Interlayer Film, Windshield Glass, Clear PVB Film

Supplier Qingdao Haocheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Model NO.
Laminated Glass
Mgnt Certification
Main Market
South America
Green/Blue/Grey on Clear/Green
Raw Materials
Fresh PVB Resin
Width of Shade
Max 230mm
Transport Package
Playwood Box or Fiber Can
ISO 9001
HS Code
Production Capacity
After-sales Service:
Frost Prevention
Glass Composition:
Silicon Oxide
thick 0.76mm shade green on clear PVB interlayer film for windshield glass
 Thick 0.76mm Shade Green on Clear PVB Interlayer Film
Product Descripition

Saflayer PVB interlayer film  is a macromolecule material which produced by extrusion using PVB resin, plasticizer and additives. Saflayer pvb film is not only can shield out the UV, heat and sound, but also famous for its high visible transmittance, super anti-penetration. The major application of PVB film  is laminated safety glass used on automotive windshields, architectural glass as well as the bullet proof glass.
Thick 0.76mm Shade Green on Clear PVB Interlayer Film

Product Parameters
AppearanceSurfaceSmooth surface without Nick,Crease,Bond; The color band should be evenly distributed and the width of transitional region is equalized
Band ColorClear, Blue,Green ,Gray & others
Crystallite and watermarks Crystallite Diameter exceed 2.0mm is not allowed. No visible watermarks. 
Visible defects (impurities, bubbles, oil, drop etc.) Defects Diameter exceed 0.5mm and
allowed maximum 6 defects per 200m
Defects Diameter exceed 0.5mm to tag on PVB film; Diameter less than 0.5mm in the Intensive defects area* must tag on one defect. The defects marks and places should be showed in the packing list.
 Thickness tolerance(mm)Plus or Minus 0.04mm
Thickness and sizeUniformity ratioAt any two points from 25mm distance either horizontally or vertically of the thickness tolerance is less than 15μm; (or 50mm - less than 25μm; or 100mm - less than 50μm) 
 Length (m)Normal length
 Width (mm)Normal width
Roughness Rz15 -70
Moisture content (%)0.35 - 0.55
Heat shrinkage rate
( 60ºC/15min) (%) 
8.0 Max
Pummel value7 Max
Light transmittance (%)85 Min
Haze (%)0.2 - 0.4
UV Screening, up to 380nm (%)99
Tensile strength  (MPa )20.0 Min
Tensile elongation (% )200 Min
Yellowness index (%)10 Max
*Intensive defects area: Within the 300mm diameter circle, the defect numbers is over 10 and its interval less than 5 mm.
Company Profile
Thick 0.76mm Shade Green on Clear PVB Interlayer Film
Qingdao Haocheng Industrial Co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer and engaged in the research & production, sale and service of  PVB resin, PVB film interlayer, PVB plasticizer (3GO) and Float laminated glass sheets. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. Going with company development, we are looking for new team of partner with strong integrity to join us to enjoy our business together.

Product Package
Thick 0.76mm Shade Green on Clear PVB Interlayer Film
Packing: The pvb film is rolled by insulated with PE film and then wrapping film, cased into an aluminum foil bag by vacuum sealed, and then packing into plywood box or fiber can. (remark: The width is less than 1250mm, which can be packing into fiber can)

Transportation: There should no direct sunlight, drench, and violent shaking during the transportation.

Storage: Be stocked in cleanhere should be quality certificate, packing list in the package. The marks of moisture proof, shock proof and sunlight proof should be labeled.

Automobile grade
Thickness length clear width shade width
0.76mm 200m 600-1600mm 0-230mm
1.52mm 100m 600-1600mm 0-230mm
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