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Anevs1000-2000c Battery Simulator/Battery Analyzer, Car Battery Simulator, Bidirectional DC Power Supply

Supplier Shandong Ainuo Instrument Co., Ltd.
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Model NO.
After-sales Service
Provide After-Sales Service, Yes
One Year, 1 Year
Output Type
Output Power
Modulation System
Output Precision
Output Voltage/Current Precision 0.1%F.S
Programming Functions
Working Mode
Lithium/Lead-Acid/Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
Transport Package
Wooden Case
Product Description

ANEVS series battery simulators take bidirectional DC power supply with high precision and high dynamic response as the core, to simulate the external characteristics of battery based on the accurate modeling of lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lead acid, nickel metal hydride batteries. ANEVS series battery simulators are professional equipment specially designed and developed for new energy vehicle power test benches, high control accuracy and fast dynamic response, widely used in testing of motor controllers, motors, and new energy vehicle powertrain. The performance of the ANEVS series battery simulator is better than GB/T 18488 Drive motor system for electric vehicles - Specification and experimental conditions, and GB/T 29307-2012 The reliability test methods of drive motor system for electric vehicles.
ANEVS series battery simulator adopts high-frequency PWM rectification and bidirectional DCDC conversion, FPGA digital control, seamless switching between forward and reverse, automatic bidirectional operation, energy feedback to the grid at full power; advanced digital control, ultra-high control accuracy, fast response, wide output voltage range; compared with conventional bidirectional power supply, it can achieve full range of high-precision output from 0V to full scale, up to 2000V, and the maximum power of a single machine can reach 1MW.
Abundant programming and testing functions, suitable for a variety of applications with different software; to simulate battery output characteristics and battery charge/discharge characteristics; providing 5 common types of battery models. Users can choose the type of battery, the number of battery cells in series, the number of cells in parallel and SOC parameters, so as to simulate the battery output characteristics and charge/discharge characteristics, including change to internal resistance during charging/discharging. In addition, custom battery model output is available.

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Grid feedback: both power supply and load characteristics, working as load for automatic energy feedback to the grid in addition to high-power DC power supply performance; energy saving, green and environment protection.
High-precision output: accuracy of output voltage/current: ±0.1% F.S.
Fast dynamic response: output voltage response time for 10%-90% sudden applied load and 90%-10% sudden shedding load: ≤5ms; +90%~-90% forward/reverse switching time: ≤10ms.
Mainstream high-frequency PWM rectification control, power factor:  ≥0.99, THD and injected harmonic current meet the requirements of GB/T14549-93, high-quality energy feedback to the grid.
Accurate and perfect battery model to simulate a variety of battery characteristics. Users can choose the type of battery, the number of battery cells in series, the number of cells in parallel and SOC parameters
Custom battery model output is available.
Advanced IGBT parallel technology to output peak power and peak current 1.3 times or more of the rating.
CC, CV, CP modes.
Multi protection: input over-voltage/under-voltage, lack phase, output over voltage, IGBT overheat, IGBT over current, over temperature protection, short circuit current-limiting protection.
Built-in EMI filter to filter the interference signal caused by the high-frequency switching process, to avoid interference to the motor controller when the battery simulator is running.
Communication and remote control: standard CAN, RS232/RS485 port and remote control software of the upper computer.
Large-screen LCD display, compatible with buttons and touch screen, suitable for operation under various harsh operating conditions.[J1] 

Testing of electric vehicle motors and controllers
Testing of electric vehicle transmission system and powertrain system
Testing of special electric vehicle motors, controllers, electric vehicle transmission systems, and powertrain systems
Testing of new energy motor system
Testing of ship electric drive, electric drive system
Testing of charger and charging pile
Testing of battery pack charge/discharge
Testing of capacitor and super capacitor charge/discharge
Testing of energy storage system converter
Testing of UPS and EPS system
Testing off  hybrid
Simulated battery to replace real battery-powered test applications
Power supply for high-power DC test

Product Parameters
Voltage levelProduct modelRated current
Peak current
Current peak time (S)Rated power
Peak power
Power peak time
1000 V ANEVS1000-2000C20002520601000126060
Description1500V or above and other voltage, current level and power level can be customized as required. The voltage range with letter "C" in the model is 24V-full scale.
General parameters of ANEVS series
Input Power3-phase 4-wire +PE, 380V±57V, 50/60Hz±5Hz
Output parametersVoltage accuracy0.1% F.S, resolution: 0.1V
Current accuracy0.1% F.S, resolution: 0.1A
Source effect\Load effect0.1%F.S
Ripple (Vpp)0.2%F.S
Transient recovery time≤ 5 ms
Current rise time≤ 10 ms 
ProtectionIGBT overheat, IGBT overcurrent, transformer overheat, input overvoltage, input undervoltage, bus overvoltage, output overvoltage, output overcurrent
Feedback parametersThree-phase line voltage323~437V
Power factor≥0.99
Total harmonic content≤3%
Feedback functionEnergy feedback at full power
FunctionWave editingControl of voltage/current slope, ladder, cycle control, jump control
E-stopE-stop button
Output contactorAvailable and controllable
Communication portRS232/RS485, CAN port
Working environmentTemp./humidity0~40ºC, 10~90%RH (no condensation)
Dimension and weightWeight1030 kg
Dimension W×H×D(mm)1000×1900×1000
The dimension and weight is that for type of 90kW and below. For other types, contact us for detail.
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