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Hangzhou Longwin Industry Limited

Hangzhou Longwin Industry Limited Main Products: Electric Bike,Electric Vehicle,Electric Motorcycle,Solar Energy System,Solar Panel,Solar Light
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Through the power of technology, LONGWIN GROUP hope to create a better future by striving to solve various social issues faced by the world. The origin of this idea stems from LONGWIN GROUP′s philosophy of actively contributing to the progress and development of humanity and society. As a person and as a member of society, we will take advantage of the technology, experience, and expertise we have accumulated to date and work together with people around the world to continue to take on the challenge of solving social issues. Currently, industrial and social structures are changing from a new perspective and at a speed and scale that exceeds that of the past. The result is that, on the one hand, companies have more opportunities and, on the other hand, truly global companies are required to work on a variety of social issues. LONGWIN GROUP was founded in 1990. LONGWIN GROUP has established ten regional production bases located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui of the PRC, Malaysia... [View More]