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Guangzhou Frey Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Frey Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Main Products: Auto Parts,Parts for Mercedes-Benz,Parts for BMW,Sprinter Parts for Mercedes-Benz,Sprinter Parts
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"FREY" is a brand of German luxury Aftermarket car parts such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Which was Founded in 2005, after 15 years of vigorous development, the sales network of FREY has spread all over the world, and the product categories have exceeded 15, 000+, covering suspension systems, steering systems, braking systems, transmission systems, rubber, metal systems, shock absorption systems, engine cooling, and heating systems, engine electrical systems, engine sealing systems, timing systems, fuel supply systems, window opening, and closing systems and other products. Deeply cultivate the auto parts industry, deeply control the market demand, always abide by the enterprise three guarantee tenet of "guarantee perfect service, guarantee excellent technology, guarantee the best product", and take the lead in the industry to implement the promise of product quality compensation standards and the 2-year 60, 000-km warranty, with the service concept of "service with professional level... [View More]